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Nevada, about 27 miles south of the small town of Rachel nv. That's where Area 51 is. The US government’s official name for Area 51 is “Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base”. This dried up lake bed became one of the best kept secrets of the 20th century. But is it home for captured UFOs...

Not all UFOs are unidentified. The majority of UFO sightings have a rational explanation...

Many strange shapes have been seen in our skies for thousands of years. Imagine not knowing what an aircraft looked like, then seeing one for the first time. How would you feel?

Unidentified Flying Objects are only classed as UFOs until they have been identified. An example could be the triangular shaped objects that have been sighted in recent years. In some peoples opinions these objects are probably military aircraft. Just take a look at the stealth jets now in service. Not so many years ago these aircraft were Top Secret.

Seeing a stealth aircraft a few years ago would you have stopped and asked yourself what you had seen?

Get your free eBook copy of "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" by Edward J. Ruppelt.

The first head of Project Blue Book was Captain Edward J. Ruppelt who officially coined the term "Unidentified Flying Object." Ruppelt resigned from the air force and wrote the book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, in which he describes the study of UFOs by the USAF from 1947 to 1955.

Browse the growing collection of photographs in Real UFO Pictures and decide for yourself if what you are seeing are truly UFOs.

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