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Read this Article if You Believe in UFOs

By Lance Winslow

Unidentified Flying Objects are fascinating to study indeed. There are actually scientists who study and do research on these things; ufologists. No kidding they really exist and they spend their lives studying plausible explanations for UFOs abilities and maneuver-abilities to turn at ninety-degree angles. They speculate on possible propulsion systems to allow them to fly, hover and take-off. More…


By Stacey Robbins

I was in my hot tub with my mother and little sister looking at the sky when we saw some red and orange flashing lights. At first we thought it was a few planes but they kept coming closer and closer to us. My mom yelled for my brother to come and bring the camera.
When my brother brought the camera and my mom had gotten it foccussed, I was looking for the lights and me, my mom, and my brother couldn't find the lights. Only my sister could see the lights she tried to point the lights out for us but we couldn't see the lights so we gave her the camera and she said they just disapeared.

Fade away UFO

By Tony Martin

I seen it with my own eye's. It was high up in the sky it was reflecting the ground I was standing under and flew slowly and was slowly fading away and disapaered.


By Jeff

Question: I am 57 and am a USAF Veteran (Vietnam). I traveled some yet have never seen a UFO.

This past couple of years we had a total moon eclipse. It was bitter cold, yet I went outside 9 (count 'em, nine) times to see the eclipse, but also to see if I could notice anything "unusual".

Absolutely nothing! So, I concluded there WAS actually nothing. More...

Eastwind Sightings, 1988

By Robert Gay Sr.

A description of personal UFO sightings and mysterious lights at Eastwind Community in the year 1988.

My hometown was Little Rock, AR, where I lived most of my life. My son, Bob Jr., and one daughter named Becky, now live in the greater Little Rock area, and my brother and his wife reside in Little Rock. My other daughter, Kristy, and her family, live in Oklahoma. My UFO sightings took place in 1988, while I was visiting an intentional community called Eastwind, which is south of Tecumseh, MO, and just north of a finger of the Norfork Lake. More...

Is It Time for the People to Have Their Say on the UFO Pheonomena?

By Michael Pralin

There are hundreds of documentaries and DVD's, thousands of books and millions of articles and websites in the world all chasing the UFO enigma.

Recently Nick Pope resigned from the MOD to pursue his career in the realm of the UFO and alien hunting world. He gave the British a shock and said that the government were not ready for an alien attack and in so doing raised the profile of the whole genre yet again. But what is the truth? And is the truth only known to government bodies? More...

Night Fishing

By Kenny Hampson

I was night fishing in a place called the overflow in (England/Birkenhead) it was about 3.45am when I seen what we call a ufo the ufo hovered as if it was watching us because as soon as I picked up my mobile phone to take a pick the ufo flickered its bright light and was gone, my mouth was left open in belief that there really is an other world.
It was a oval shaped ufo with orange and red bright flickering color about the size of a helicopter maybe a bit bigger.

What If?

By Gary Thompson

Im only 15 years old and this is what I think really happen.
What is area 51? We all read the story about the UFOs that the Germans made (if not then go read it.) Then America stole this project and finish it there self. They also said that it was a failure (sorry for the bad grammer) But what if they didn't fail, what if they still work on the UFO on area 51? I think thats area 51 is so secret, in my 15 year old mind I think area 51 may have finish the UFO's and don't wanna tell us. A lot of people have been spoting a lot of UFO's. That's because area 51 finish there research and are testing them. That's all folks ^_^ (I was sitting down on my laptop when i thought of this)

Number 2

By Caroline Bennett

A 2330hrs I went outside my home in Birkenhead, and looked up at a airplane as I was looking up I seen red and orange lights I thought it was another plane, I noticed that it was rolling through the sky, and as it turned over it shape was the number two.
I watched this in disbelief until it vanished, I thought I was going mad so please if anyone else seen this write on this web page.

The mystery almost solved

By Henrry Hernandez

I just found out today at Google earth that area 51 is a nuclear facility that controls Americas nuclear weapons.
Area 51 is a nuclear control facility that is only 15.35 miles away from the nuclear weapons that holds all of Americas nuclear weapons.

Mexican Air Force 2004 Video lights

By Capt. Alejandro Franz

Mexican Air Force 2004 Video lights are real UFOs or simply Oil Well flames?
UFO investigators must examine all the available evidence to reduce the risk of culminating a case without some extra valuable information. More...

Existence in deep galaxies as Milky-way and Andromeda etc.

By Kamyar Ghazaie

The Life not the same as Earth, but something different exists in our and other galaxies.

In the deep space there are two galaxies joined together that perhaps exists several planets , which can have certain life. More...

2009 October before halloween?!

By Nick Lombardo

First off everyday i have airplanes flying over my house so i no wah they sound like cause i live near a airport like problem 25 to 30 miles away so anyways i was on my computer i jus got i was messing around with it and it was probably around 1030 11 eastern time i live in new england and i heard like a hovering noise that like a i guess a hover craft that floats across the water and can hover on the ground like sliding around it cant fly it u no wah im talking about but i then ran down my stairs and i said to my sis n mom if they heard that and my sis sayed that it went in the oposite direcion then all the planes go in towards the airport and she looked out to and she said that it jus moved in the airslow and it had no lights im kickin myself in the buh cause i didnt believe wah i heard n i never looked out the window i thort my mind was plain games on me buh if ne1 has heard this or ne thing like it leme no im doin a 5 page research paper on ufos n this is wah made me do it. thnx

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