Ufology is a term that describes the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object (UFO) reports and associated evidence. Since the late 1940's public interest in this subject really took off after a sighting of multiple UFOs were reported in 1947 by pilot Kenneth Arnold.

While the subject matter has not been truly represented by any academic field of research, UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years. Governments and independent academics all across the world are known to have investigated UFO reports. Perhaps the best-known study was that of Project Blue Book along with Projects Sign and Grudge These “projects” where undertaken by the United States Air Force between 1947 and 1969.

Other investigations into UFO sightings have been undertaken including a report made by the Robertson Panel in the early 1950's.

Ufologists are often viewed with skepticism, as a science this subject is generally “unrecognized” however with more and more UFO sightings being reported, some even by Pilots, this “skeptical” view is slowly changing.

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