Real UFO Video Clips

This collection of UFO video clips recorded sightings from across the globe, including Japan, United Kingdom, America and Mexico. As you will see these sightings are hard or impossible to explain. When you have your video camera to hand and capture footage like this it must make you stop and think.

Some of these video clips have a sound recording.

UFO sighting over Area 51
January 1990 (8 seconds)

UFO in the sky over England
Date unknown. Shot from an aircraft window.
(25 seconds)

This is a really strange sighting from Japan.
Date unknown. Shot from a helicopter.
(1 minute 17 seconds)

Multiple UFOs in this video clip filmed in Mexico.
2001 (43 seconds)

Watch this object crash into the ground.
Date unknown. (17 seconds)

Watch the interview with Bob Lazar who allegedly worked at Area 51. In the interview Bob talks about the strange craft he worked on.

"Area 51 = First Footage of an Alien" is a compelling documentary about Area 51 and the how the US government has been communicating with extraterrestrials for many years.

In this 31 minute documentary we look at the filmed evidence from both the Russian and America space agencies.

Not all UFOs are what they seem, in this set of video clips we look at some "identified flying objects" as well as "unidentified flying objects."

Global Conspiracy Videos presents a source for all your educational documentary needs. Your supply for the truth videos people have been talking about. Global Conspiracies include the money changers, the New World Order, withheld technology, 9-11 cover up, and much much more.

UFO video - Take a look at this collection UFO pictures that have been collated and presented in video format's by Scott Corrales. All rights reserved.

And yet some more UFO video clips

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