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Get your free eBook copy of "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" by Edward J. Ruppelt.

The first head of Project Blue Book was Captain Edward J. Ruppelt who officially coined the term "Unidentified Flying Object." Ruppelt resigned from the air force and wrote the book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, in which he describes the study of UFOs by the USAF from 1947 to 1955.

Area 51 Location

Want to know where Area 51 is? Area 51 location and information about Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland.

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Contribute to Area 51

Would you like to share your knowledge about Area 51? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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UFO News Articles

Write your own UFO article or Area 51 article, you can also tell us about UFO news in your area. Report on local UFO sightings and keep us to date with the progress.

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Area 51 eBooks, Books and DVDs

A collection of books and DVDs about area 51, UFOs and UFO sighting. A collection of various eBooks, books and DVDs that makes recommended reading and viewing material.

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Where is Area 51 The Audio CD

Where is Area 51. Listen to the audio cd about Area 51 and UFO sightings.

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Ufology the study of unidentified flying objects

Ufology is the study of unidentified flying objects and is not a main stream science

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Area 51 And UFO Sightings

Satellite imagery, Google Earth or example, reveals clearly visible landing strips and buildings at Area 51

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List of Major UFO Sightings

This list of UFO sightings includes cases of alleged alien sightings and abductions along with all major UFO sightings since the 19th Century.

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UFO sightings to you and me

Regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena -What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience. Winston Churchill

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Surf the Net

Surf the internet for UFO sightings, Area 51 or anything that takes your fancy.

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Where is Area 51

Are there UFOs at Area 51. Welcome to the home of UFO information and investigation.

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Life In Other Galaxies

Is the existence of life in other galaxies possible. I think most people believe that it is.

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USOs Unidentified Submerged Objects

The USO phenomenon is the underwater equivalent of the UFO phenomenon. People have been reporting sightings of USOs for thousands of years. The most famous occurred in 1967 at Shag Harbor in Canada.

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Shag Harbour and UFOs Underwater

With the majority of the earth covered in water, would there be a better place to hide? UFOs underwater, what do you think? Are there UFOs hiding in our oceans?

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UFO Sighting over Guernsey

Commercial airline pilot reports UFO sighting in the sky near Guernsey.

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Have Their Say on the UFO Pheonomena

Recently Nick Pope resigned from the MOD to pursue his career in the realm of the UFO and alien hunting world. But what is the truth? And is the truth only known to government bodies?

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A UFO article from a USAF Veteran

A UFO Question. Do any of your contacts know why some people are prone to seeing UFOs regularly

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Mexican Air Force 2004 Video lights

An article about the Mexican Air Force UFO sighting of 2004.

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UFO Video Footage

Watch UFO video clips online including a UFO crash. Bob lazar talks about his work at area 51 in this video clip interview. And more UFO videos.

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The UFO Photos Gallery

UFO photos. Is this the UFO proof you need? You Decide.

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Pilots see a Real UFO

For pilots the stigma associated with reporting real UFO sightings is at last subsiding.

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Real UFO pictures

UFO pictures, or are they? Have a look and you decide if these are real UFOs

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What Is Area 51

What is Area 51, well speculation leads many to believe that Area 51 is home to captured UFOs and alien beings. The truth could be just as strange.

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The Brown Mountain Lights UFOs

It is known that they are not really UFOs, but at the time they were classed as Unidentified Flying Objects.

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Types of UFO Sightings

UFO sightings are classified into various categories, classed as close encounters of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh kind.

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Groom Lake Area 51 Workers

Classified information concerning the Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada.

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Latest Mexico UFO sightings

Mexico UFO sightings have been on the increase, with single and multiple disk shaped objects being seen by thousands. Is this picture and video evidence.

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Eastwind UFO Sighting

Strange lights seen in Eastwind one night in 1988. This eyewitness tells his story of the sighting.

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The Shag Harbour Incident

In 1967 Shag Harbour (Canada) had a unique underwater UFO sighting. This is the story of what happened.

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UFO Sightings can they be explained.

More and more UFO sightings are being made, but can they be explained. We take a look at the evidence.

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Does the secret Aurora aircraft exist

Do Area 51 and Aurora have anything in common? The project is the latest in a long line of secret aircraft produced by the Lockheed Martin SkunkWorks, buts is it being tested at Area 51

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Area 51 Photos and Information

Welcome to-where is area 51-here you will find area 51 photos and pictures Learn about the Janet flights into area 51 and more.

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Real UFO Pictures

Are there real UFO pictures or are they all just fakes. Most of the UFO video footage and clips to date add to the mystery, neither proving nor disproving the existence of UFOs.

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Even more UFO clips

UFO clips you may find hard to explain, from a UFO flying alongside a jet fighter to footage of World War II real flying saucers.

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The Project Blue Book Investigation

UFO sightings have been investigated by the USAF since 1947. Project Blue Book was the third and final study into the UFO phenomenon. Or was it...

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On-route to Mexico City DC-9 Hits UFO

AeroMexico flight 129 on final approach into Mexico City lowered the landing gear. As they did the front gear was struck by an unknown object.

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The Project Sign Investigation

In 1947 the USAF launched the first UFO investigation - Project Sign is the result of the recent UFO sightings over the United States.

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Mexico UFO Footage

This UFO footage taken in Mexico by an anonymous cameraman looks like a flying saucer, but is it too good to be true.

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Moncla's Real UFO

USAF pilot Felix Moncla Jr and radar operator Lieutenant R. Wilson disappeared while pursuing a real UFO, or was it?

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UFO Video Footage

Here is some more UFO video footage along with a mind blowing documentary about Area 51. With all this evidence are we really alone?

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Apollo 11 and Real UFOs

Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin saw real UFOs shortly after landing on the Moon on 21st July 1969.

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History Of Flying Saucers

The term flying saucers began in 1947 with a UFO sighting by Kenneth Arnold. With the description of the objects he saw the phrase was set in stone.

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The mantell Incident

The Mantell Incident, one of the most publicized UFO reports on record. Mantell died when his plane crashed after pursuing a reported UFO.

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Lieutenant George F. Gorman and his UFO sighting

1st October 1948, Lieutenant Gorman had an encounter with a UFO. The sighting lasting about half an hour is one of the few UFO dogfights on record.

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UFO Sightings Ghost Rockets

Ghost rockets seen in 1946 were the first multiple UFO sightings witnessed by the general public. Many thought they were meteors, others were not so sure.

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Two UFO Video Clips

These UFO Video Clips have been collated and offer you the chance to see some of the best Mexico UFO images.

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The Rendlesham Forest Incident - A UFO sighting.

In 1980 a UFO landed in Rendlesham Forest. We take a look at the evidence.

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UFO Video Footage

Some more UFO video footage, this time showing UFOs over Phoenix or are they?, an orb in the sky, and a UFO playing hide and seek in the clouds.

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A UFO Picture from Gemini 7

December 1965 onboard Gemini 7, astronauts Jim Lovell and Frank Borman witnessed a UFO during their second orbit of the 14 day space flight and took this UFO picture.

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Roswell New Mexico - Roswell Area 51 Story. Cont...

Roswell Area 51 - Find out about the town of Roswell New Mexico and Area 51 Cont...

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