Pilots and Real UFO Sightings

Airline pilots have been having real UFO sightings for years. However pilots have been reluctant to report their sightings for fear of ridicule or possible rejection of any future promotion prospects. Because of this they have kept their experiences to themselves, but more and more commercial pilots are now coming forward to share their experiences.

The stigma associated with reporting real UFO sightings is at last subsiding. Private pilots have been reporting sightings for many years.

Kenneth Arnold was one of the first and most famous pilots to see and report a UFO encounter. It was his sighting that coined the phrase “flying saucer” although it was not Kenneth himself who used the term.
In his words, "they flew erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water."

Commercial pilot Captain Ray Bowyer was piloting an Aurigny aircraft from Southampton to Alderney when he spotted two bright yellow flat disc shaped UFOs estimated to be twice the size of a Boeing 737.

For military pilots UFO sightings are part of the job. They have to identify and determine a flying objects origin, friend or foe. They too have suffered the same ridicule as commercial pilots, although not to the same degree.

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