The Area 51 Location
is near Rachel, Nevada

Rachel Nevada

The small town of Rachel, Lincoln County, Nevada is the closest town to the Area 51 location, lying about 27 miles north from “Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base”, Area 51’s official and less well known name.

The town’s inhabitants of about 100 are mostly involved in ranching. There is a tourist shop and a themed bar that is named the Little A'Le'Inn where you can exchange stories about your UFO sightings.

Rachel is approximately three hours drive north of Las Vegas and is the only town along the Extraterrestrial Highway, as Highway 375 has become known. The speed limit signs along the highway have been posted up as Warp 7 for a bit of fun.

The majority of the inhabitants of Rachel live in mobile homes that are spread over a few hundred square yards. Rachel has regular tourists hoping to see something from Area 51. At night you can lay and look at the stars and watch for UFOs in the clear skies away from light pollution. While you visit Rachel you will here sonic booms. With advanced aircraft being tested in the area sonic booms are common place as Rachel is the sonic boom capital of the world.

The town was originally established as a mining community in the 1860’s mining silver, and, in the 20th century mining tungsten. The last mine near Rachel closed in 1988.

Rachel was first named “Tempiute Village” after Tempiute Mountain where the first silver mine was established. Tempiute Village at its peak was home to between 200 and 300 inhabitants. On March 22nd 1978 "Tempiute Village" was renamed "Rachel."

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