Area 51 and Aurora


One thing there seems to be no dispute about is Aurora’s shape. Most people agree that if this hypersonic aircraft, if it exists, is triangular in shape.

Doughnuts on a rope

Over the years rumoured sightings have become more and more frequent. Photographs of “doughnut” shaped con trails have been taken. The photos show the “doughnuts on a rope” type of con trail that would be left by a craft capable of travelling at such high speeds using “pulsed jet” technology as the propulsion source enabling the aircraft to travel five to ten times the speed of sound. Flying into sub orbit at those kind of speeds this craft could reach anywhere in the world within three hours.


A government memo was inadvertently released in the early 1990’s reportedly outlining the budget proposals for this “black project” aircraft, since then no mention of it has been made in any subsequent government document.

The probable manufacture of this type of aircraft would more than likely take place at the top secret Lockheed Martin SkunkWorks, the same facility that built the SR-71 blackbird. This aircraft is thought to be the direct replacement for the SR-71.

Just like the SR-71 Blackbird,

Aurora would more than likely be tested and put though its paces at Area 51.