The Bob Lazar Story

Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar born 1959, Robert Scott Lazar. Lazar claims to have worked on a secret project to reverse engineer the power systems on a captured UFO that the Americans have in their possession. Working at the area S-4 base at the Nevada Test Site and also at Area 51, Lazar claims to have been given access to classified information as well as access to the unidentified flying objects themselves.

When seeing the craft from a distance Lazar thought that they were secret military aircraft, only on closer inspection did he realise that these craft were designed for space travel and were not of human origin. Lazar says he saw a total of nine of theses UFOs at the Nevada Test Site.

In 1989 Lazar was interviewed by reporter George Knapp for the Las Vegas TV station KLAS, in the interview Lazar revealed details about his work at the S-4 base. When asked why he had decided to do the interview he said he wanted to share his work with the scientific community and to do that he felt the best way was to go public to insure himself against any mysterious sudden demise for exposing classified information.

Opinions are divided as to the credibility of Lazars account. Some people believe that he does not have the scientific knowledge to be asked to carry out such work. Some believe Lazars knowledge of physics is credible, however many in the field of physics say he has a weak grasp of the scientific principles involved but to the uneducated in the subject he does appear to know what he is talking about.

Take a look at this short video interview with Lazar about the work he carried out at the Nevada Test Site.

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