Eastwind Sightings, 1988

This UFO sighting in Eastwind was sent to us by Robert Gay Sr., Little Rock, USA

A description of personal UFO sightings and mysterious lights at Eastwind Community in the year 1988.

My hometown was Little Rock, AR, where I lived most of my life. My son, Bob Jr., and one daughter named Becky, now live in the greater Little Rock area, and my brother and his wife reside in Little Rock. My other daughter, Kristy, and her family, live in Oklahoma. My UFO sightings took place in 1988, while I was visiting an intentional community called Eastwind, which is south of Tecumseh, MO, and just north of a finger of the Norfork Lake.

On one nighttime sighting, two crafts flew silently, less than 1000 ft high, over a ridge out toward the lake. I was alone on my way back from a late swim in Lick Creek, which flowed north to south on the west side of the Eastwind property, then traversed west to east across the south end of the property. There is no light pollution around Eastwind, and it was a beautiful starbright night. I was about 100 yards from the south end of the property, facing south, when movement caught my eye out of the right, or west, sky. It was moving slowly, and were it not for the shattering stillness, the lighting configuration on the craft might have been mistaken for a plane. It was far enough away that I could not clearly discern the shape, but the lights appeared fixed in place, not rotating. As it approached from the west and turned south, movement from the east caught my eye, and the same type of craft turned south and flew just to one side of the first craft. They flew soundlessly!

On the south side of the creek, a heavily wooded hillside arose steeply, and I had never been on top of the ridge, so I had no idea what was there, but that night, as the crafts flew above the ridge, two very large spotlights, like circus spots, were turned on and pointed straight up. By the time the lights were turned on, the crafts had drifted beyond the periphery of the lighted area, almost out of sight, so I got only a brief glimpse of the objects silhouetted against a bright starlit sky. I was never able to ascertain where those spots came from, or who activated them, but I did find a road on top of the ridge, and pasture land across the road, with cattle grazing. Asking questions about the sighting at Eastwind was futile. A wonderfully strange core-group of people made up the community, and there was a fairly constant influx and exodus of visitors. The year I spent there is a priceless memory that will be forever imprinted in my mind.

By Robert Gay Sr.

Thank you Robert for sharing this very interesting experience with us. I wish you and your family all the best for the future. Oh, and keep your eyes open…


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