The History of
Flying Saucers

Nazi UFO

In the 1940s the Germans designed and built saucer shaped aircraft. However, the flying saucers never saw action during the Second World War.

When the allies liberated Europe and moved into Germany many of the secret weapons projects that the German scientists had developed during the course of the war were taken back to Russia and America. Work then started on developing this technology further.

In America the most famous result of capturing German technology was the eventual development of the Saturn V series of rockets, distant cousins of the V-2 weapon developed by Wernher von Braun for the German high command. Saturn V is the rocket that launched the Apollo missions into space and sent Neil Armstrong and crew to the moon.

In 1947 the first report of circular shaped flying craft was made by pilot Kenneth Arnold on the 24th June. Arnold claimed to have seen nine objects in flight near Mount Rainier, Washington. Arnold described the odd shaped craft saying "they flew erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water." This coined the phase “flying saucer” that has been with us ever since.

American Flying Saucer

Now we know about the work the Germans did with flying disks it stands to reason that the Americans took that technology home with them. We also know that during the 1950s the United States Air Force built and flew saucer shaped craft. The flying saucers, being highly unstable in flight, caused the project to be abandoned. But did the research stop?

Consider this: If the US military had these craft in their possession and tested the aircrafts capabilities, could this have been what Arnold actually saw?
Arnold’s sighting sounds like he could have witnessed a test flight of the German “flying saucers”. And what about other UFO sightings? Could some of these be attributed to “secret flying objects” being developed by various agencies over the world?

Video Footage of Flying Saucers

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