Existence in Deep Galaxies as Milky Way and Andromeda etc.

This article was sent to us by Kamyar Ghazaie

The Life not the same as Earth, but something different exists in our and other galaxies.

In the deep space there are two galaxies joined together that perhaps exists several planets , which can have certain life. Not similar to Earth but something rather the life possible exists on Earth.

The fact is that, in these two galaxies as Andromeda in the left corner of the Milky way (our galaxy) with approximately 60 degrees of join point may certainly a kind of life exist, but if you can breath for example Helium and phosphor instead of Oxygen. But there are also some phenomena that can breath in appropriate planets. While every one can set point on life in this deepest galaxy as Milky-way.

To find a kind of life you don't have to reach Andromeda as you can find such life or Alien being in the Milky way.

The saucers that probably lands on earth may traveled wi over 1 light year speed to traveling whole the way from one point in Milky way two another. Also you can not certainly say that there is no life in other planets when you can not breath the air there.

I want to set a point to Alien existence on other planets, not in our solar system but may be in another angel of Milky way and Andromeda rather than alien existence in other galaxies as M100 for example.


Thanks Kaymar for a very thought provoking point of view, one that I know many people, including myself, agree with....

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