Ghost Rockets

Ghost Rockets

Ghost rockets were first seen in May 1946 with the most sightings being reported on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August. Sightings continued though until December of the same year. More than 2000 reports were made, 200 were captured on radar.

These rocket or “missile” shaped objects are generally thought to be the result of captured German V-1 and V-2 rockets by the Russian military at end of the second world war.

The resulting missile tests conducted by the Russian military were mainly seen over Scandinavian countries and sometimes over European countries causing widespread controversy at the time.

Even though various military forces from different countries investigated the sightings and reports, none of their investigations could confirm the involvement of the Russian military.

No recognizable rocket fragments were found, objects usually left no exhaust trail, some moved too slowly and usually flew horizontally, they sometimes traveled and maneuvered in formation leading to theses objects being classed as UFOs.

Some people believe that they were in fact meteor sightings, although it would be unusual to see such a vast number of meteors falling in such a relatively small area, over that short period of time.

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