Workers Fly In
On Janet Flights
To Area 51

How much is a ticket...
Well it will cost you your life. Workers that fly on the Janet flights to Area 51 don't exist. I mean they do exist, at least in body and soul but not as far as the US government is concerned.

Try to find out who these people are and you come up against a brick wall.

Janet Area 51

J.A.N.E.T is the call sign for these aircraft that are unmarked apart from the red stripe along the fuselage and ID number at the rear of the aircraft. The Boeing 737s shuttle workers to and from Area 51 as well as the Tonopah Test Range at the northern end of Nellis Air Force Base.

Area 51 Workers Boarding

You can watch workers in plain clothes board the Boeing 737's before taking off from Las Vegas. No uniforms so you wouldn't know they are working for the military.

Janet Aircraft in Las Vegas

Janet aircraft on the tarmac in front of the
world famous Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

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