DC-9 and UFO collide
near Mexico City

Mexico City July 28th 1994

DC-9 pilot Captain Raymundo Cervantes Ruano, with more than 40 years experience and 17,000 flying hours under his belt was the Captain on the flight from Guatemala to Mexico City on the night of July 28th 1994.

The weather was good and the flight was going to plan. At 5,000 feet AeroMexico flight 129 on final approach. The pilots lowered the landing gear, as they did the front gear was struck by an unknown object. Captain Cervantes Ruano was sure that the gear had been damaged in the collision and declared an emergency.

The flight landed at Mexico City with the gear intact. On closer inspection the front landing gear had what appeared to be a gash that looked like it had been made with some kind of cutter. No explanation could be given for the incident.

Later air traffic controllers confirmed that no other aircraft had been in the area, however air traffic controller Enrique Kolbeck recalled later that, earlier in the evening we had received telephone calls about an object flying close to the airport that would have been in AeroMexico flight 129’s flight path. **

A few days later on the 8th August 1994, AeroMexico flight 304 on route from Acapulco was getting ready to land at Mexico City. The weather was poor and they were making their decent though thick cloud. Captain Francisco Mezquita was flying the aircraft on instruments while co pilot Carlos Corso was keeping a check on the outside of the aircraft though the cockpit windows.

As the aircraft broke though the cloud at 12,000 feet co pilot Corso was shocked to see a large object 15 to 20 meters across on a collision course with their aircraft. “Oh my God we are going to crash” he exclaimed to the Captain. The object just missed the planes nose. They landed safely.

On landing the two pilots were told by tower controllers that theirs was the 5th UFO report that week.

**Over the last couple of years the account of what happened to AeroMexico flight 129 has been disputed. With no mention of who the co pilot was along with what many say is a dubious testimony by controller Enrique Kolbeck, many feel this incident is a fabrication and a hoax.

Mexico UFO Evidence
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