A Real UFO or Not?

Here are two real UFO stories, the first is about Lieutenant Moncla and Lieutenant Wilson and how they disappeared.
The second is about an Australian pilot Frederick Velentich who mysteriously vanished.

On the 23rd November 1953 radar operators from Truax Air Force Base tracked a real UFO, a target of unknown origin near the Soo Locks. Lieutenant Felix Moncla Jr and radar operator Lieutenant R. Wilson, in their 89C Scorpion jet were scrambled to intercept the UFO. Taking of in the early evening from Kinross Air Force Base, Moncla closed to the target at 500 mph and intercepted the object at approximately 8000 feet after being guided by ground radar.

Ground radar tracked the two “blips”, as they grew closer they merged on the screen. Control presumed that Moncla had either flown above or below the target, as they waited for the second “blip” to reappear, the one remaining blip disappeared from radar altogether. It was feared that the two objects had struck one another "as if in a smashing collision," as reported by Donald Keyhoe. After trying to contact Moncla by radio with no success, a search and rescue operation was launched. No trace of the plane or pilots was ever found.

Two explanations were given by the USAF for the cause of the crash, the first was that Moncla had suffered a bout of vertigo and crashed into Lake Superior, the second was that the aircraft exploded, however with no debris being found this is an unlikely cause.

It was alleged by the USAF that the object seen by Moncla was a Canadian Air Force plane and not a real UFO. This was rejected by the RCAF, saying they had no aircraft in the area at the time.

This is not the only aircraft disappearance associated with a real UFO, over two decades later Australian Frederick Velentich vanished after reporting an unusual object near his small plane.

The Frederick Velentich Real UFO Story

This should have been a routine flight lasting less than an hour. Taking off at about 6.20pm on the evening of 21st October 1978 and flying at an altitude of below 5000 feet in good weather this pilot never arrived at his destination.

Dusk, 7.06pm, and Valentich contacted air traffic control to ask if there was any known traffic at 1000 feet above his altitude. Air traffic controller Steve Robey, answered the call reporting that no traffic was near the Cessna aircraft. Valentich went on to report a large aircraft with four lights traveling at high speed above him.

Air traffic control requested more detail, Valentich replied saying because of the objects high speed he was unable to give a more detailed description.

A short while latter Valentich radioed saying "it's not an aircraft it is..." "a long shape", with "a green light," and is "metallic," "shiny all over.” He then said "it seems to me that he's playing some sort of game... he's flying over me two... three times at speeds I could not identify."

Valentich again radioed air traffic control saying that the object "vanished", before asking for a second time if it was some type of military aircraft. A moment later, he said the object was approaching him from the south-west.

In the last communication with Valentich at 7.12pm, he radioed saying, "Melbourne that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again ... it is hovering and it's not an aircraft". Valentich's radio link remained open for a further 17 seconds, several unidentifiable noises became audible over the radio, later described as "metallic, scraping sounds," before the signal was lost.

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