The Shag Harbour Incident

In 1967 on the east coast of Canada the small community of Shag Harbour became famous when a UFO crashed into the shallow waters of the bay. On the evening of the 4th of October 11 reports came into the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) that an aircraft had crashed into the sound.

Local resident Laurie Wickens along with 4 friends, was driving though Shag Harbour just after 11.00pm when they saw a large object drop down into the water. Other people agreed with their report that the object had amber flashing lights.

Getting a better vantage point, Wilkens and his friends could see an object floating 250 to 300 meters off the coast. Being a clear moonless night they could make out a yellow light shinning from the top of the object.

Wickens called the RCMP to report they had seen an aircraft crash into the sea. Further calls were received from other residents reporting the crash saying they had herd "whistling noises and bangs".

Concerned for survivors, the RCMP contacted the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax to advise them of the situation, and ask if any aircraft were missing. Before any rescue could be launched by the RCMP, the object sank and disappeared from view.

Local fishing boats went out to search for survivors. What they found at the site of the crash was yellow foam on the surface of the water. They also noticed bubbles rising up from below the surface and a smell of sulfur in the air.

Neither the fishermen nor Coastguard could find any survivors or bodies.During the search, the captain of the Coast Guard vessel received a message from the Rescue Coordination Center. All commercial, private and military aircraft were accounted for along the eastern seaboard from Atlantic Canada down into New England.

There are also unconfirmed reports that hours later the craft was seen traveling though the water and out to the open sea.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Air Desk in Ottawa (the agency responsible for the gathering and investigation of UFO reports) labeled the sighting as the crash of a UFO. The RCMP reports refer to the craft as a UFO.

This type of sighting i.e. underwater, is known as a USO or Unidentified Submerged Object.

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