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by Lance Winslow

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By Lance Winslow

Lance Winslow

Unidentified Flying Objects are fascinating to study indeed. There are actually scientists who study and do research on these things; ufologists. No kidding they really exist and they spend their lives studying plausible explanations for UFOs abilities and maneuver-abilities to turn at ninety-degree angles. They speculate on possible propulsion systems to allow them to fly, hover and take-off.

What is interesting is that if someone says they believe in UFOs then everyone thinks they are crazy. Yet all a UFO really is, is simply an unidentified flying object. Something that is flying but you do not know what it is. The first time an Afghanistan native saw a missile whiz by, well to them it was a UFO, after all how would they know what it was until someone told them?

If you see something flying around and do not know what it is and you cannot tell if it is a weather balloon, weather phenomena, helicopter or even a stealthy model of the latest military contraption; well to you at that point in time it too would be a UFO. Once you identify it, well then it is no longer a UFO you see?

So in summary anything you see flying through the air that you cannot identify as something you know that it is, then it is a UFO. Therefore for someone to say they do not believe in UFOs, it only means they are refusing to look. I hope this makes sense to you. Think on it.

"Lance Winslow"

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