And Yet Some More
UFO Clips

UFO clips are becoming more and more popular on the internet, judge and decide for your self if these videos are truly unidentified flying objects or phenomena that can be explained by traditional means.

This video was filmed from a distance, watch for the end of the clip when the UFO takes off at high speed.
(1 minute 16 seconds)

This clip was taken by a security camera. (Kent, UK 1998)
(24 seconds)

This was filmed at Area 51 in March 1989
(26 seconds)

This clip shows a Russian F16 jet fighter that was filmed with an unidentified object in the background.
(28 seconds)

From the 1940’s various experimental military aircraft have been tested and flown by different governments around the world including Germany and the United States.Take a look at some flying saucers from the 20th Century. Many people now believe that UFO sightings from the mid 1940’s onward can be attributed to experimental military aircraft hidden from the public eye…

German Flying Saucers
(1 minute 46 seconds)

Other UFO clips you may find hard to explain.