UFO Video Footage

More and more UFO video footage is becoming almost common place, with video cameras now so readily available you may capture some UFO video footage at any time. Here is some video footage that I know you will enjoy. And don’t forget to turn the sound up!!

The last video clip on the page, or should I say full length documentary (1 hour, 6 minutes) is about Area 51 and has some fascinating footage about what apparently goes on inside the base. Watch and make up your own minds.

UFO The Pennsylvania Incident... The Vanishing UFO
October 2005 (3 minutes 8 seconds)

UFO Erskine, Scotland... 2 UFOs.
October 2005 (2 minutes 20 seconds)

Airy Discs Focus NASA 1999 ufo
February 2006 (52 seconds)

Sit back and enjoy this interesting documentary about Area 51 and how alien beings have been communicating with us for years. Then you decide if what you are seeing is authentic or a very convincing hoax…

“The government has contacts with aliens, but will not release secrets. We could have free energy for everyone, but oil cartels are preventing this.”

Lasting for more than an hour you can watch this Area 51 documentary in full. Alternatively bookmark this page, watch some now and return later to watch the rest.

Area 51 = First Footage of an Alien
(1 hour 6 minutes 11 seconds)

Make your own mind up when viewing these clips. Some UFO sightings may never be explained, but other may very well have a rational explanation.

Books and DVDs about Area 51

View some more UFO video footage.

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