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This UFO article was sent to us by Jeff from Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Question: I am 57 and am a USAF Veteran (Vietnam). I traveled some yet have never seen a UFO.

This past couple of years we had a total moon eclipse. It was bitter cold, yet I went outside 9 (count 'em, nine) times to see the eclipse, but also to see if I could notice anything "unusual".

Absolutely nothing! So, I concluded there WAS actually nothing.

Several weeks later I was on a UFO web site and was astounded to see reports from surrounding towns.
I am in Waterbury Connecticut and people from Meriden, Cromwell, Trumbull, etc., all reported sightings of UFO activity during the total eclipse. Me, I really saw nothing despite my best efforts to actually LOOK for "something".

I do not comprehend how some folks can experience abductions, or see UFOs as often as the cross-town bus and other people such as myself see, hear, and experience nothing. I'm not really complaining (much). I would just like to see (I think) first-hand a UFO of some kind. Not "strange lights" at night, but a real day-time UFO. Perhaps these things are menacing and malevolent. They may be our own, or entirely alien, yet, just briefly, I'd like to see one. To me, they may or may not exist, based on my own pitiful "experiences". Seeing just one would help me to make a definite conclusion based on personal observation.

Do any of your contacts know why some people are prone to seeing UFOs regularly?
Why do some folks become channelers of "alien contacts" and others not?
How is it that some people seem to be on the "contact" frequency, and others such as myself are out in left field with nothing but questions?

Web sites abound with folks who have messages from their channeled masters, other folks have frequented UFO craft (supposedly).

I find all this rather puzzling. Either it is all true, or all a hoax. I don't think there is anything in the middle.

To date, I am of the opinion that there is something definitely sinister going on, both in regards to our own government, as well as alien contacts. "The New World" order seems to be a prevalent phrase, and I think things are in motion to bring it about, although perhaps reluctantly in this country.

Aliens seem to have a hand in this, and the Area 51 mind-set seems to be a breeding ground for some of this sinister activity, despite the claims that the Area is only for secret weapons systems development.

If anyone has an explanation as to the "hows", "whys", and "wherefores" of this UFO phenomenon, I'd like to hear.
Some folks have experiences (good and bad), often going back decades. Others, such as myself, have seen nothing. All I have seen is pics and videos of events, nothing in person.

I find the subject extremely interesting, and wonder about the next few years in regards to information being made public. Are things as bad as some folks imply (we're being "invaded") or is it all imagination run wild?

Guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out.


Thank you for allowing us to publish this very interesting point of view Jeff. I do not know whether UFOs, or should I say aliens, exist or not, we just try to offer a balanced view point.

Thanks again Jeff.
All the best

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