UFOs in Mexico
or were they

Did people see UFOs in Mexico on that day, we take look at the evidence.

11th July 1991 and Mexico was the prime position to view a solar eclipse. At 1.00 p.m. the eclipse was at its totality.

Lots of people had video cameras with them to record the event. What they saw surprised them, not only did they record the eclipse but they also recorded UFOs in Mexico. What they recorded looked like metallic disk shaped objects in the skies over Mexico. Reports came in from across the country. Dozens of reports came in of UFO sightings while the eclipse was in progress, many caught on video.

There is another view of these UFOs in Mexico. Out of the hundreds of astronomers in Mexico for the solar eclipse, not one of them came forward to say they had either seen or videoed a UFO sighting. Many astronomers believe the supposed UFOs were actually planets from our solar system. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury were distinctively visible though out the eclipse. Others disagree, they say these planets were in completely the opposite direction to where the objects had been seen in the sky.

Mexican people have a very open mind when it comes to the paranormal and UFOs. Their culture and openness helps fuel the frenzy of UFO sightings reported in Mexico since 1991. Each new reported UFO a sighting, either by the media or local gossip creates a “wave” or renewed interest and people look to the sky expecting to see something. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact if more people would take this “open” attitude maybe we would all benefit from a little more tolerance about things we don’t understand.

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