UFO Video Clips "Stills" taken in Mexico

Take a look at these two UFO video clips and judge for yourself. Have your sound turned up as these two presentations have very good backing tracks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Inexplicata-Mexico UFO Images.
Some of the best Mexican UFO images of 2005

Inexplicata-Mexico UFO Images

UFOs in Latin America.
A roundup of UFO images from Latin America.
UFOs in Latin America

I think you will agree that these sightings in Mexico and Latin America have been professionally edited into an enjoyable presentation. I would like to thank Scott for allowing us to link to his work.

These pictures have been collated and presented in video clip format by Scott Corrales. All rights reserved.

In this collection of UFO video clips you will see some UFO sightings that are very hard to explain.

Most sightings are made when no one has a camera with them.
Now that the majority of mobile phones have camera's build in more and more UFO photos are being taken. The problem with this is the quality of the pictures taken by some phone camera's is quite poor. Saying that, a lot of phone camera's now come with video capability allowing even more UFO sightings to be recorded.

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