UFO Video Footage

This selection of UFO video footage shows UFOs over Phoenix, an orb in the sky, and a strange UFO playing hide and seek in the clouds.

The lights in the first video clip may look like UFOs but they are not,* they are military flares being used in a training exercise. On analysis of the footage, comparing the disappearance of the lights with the mountain range in the background, not seen in this night shot, it has been shown that the flares fall behind the mountain ridge disappearing from view. The lights disappeared all at about the same time. (Not shown in the clip.)

The last video clip on this page is of the lighthouse in the Rendlesham Forest Incident. The lighthouse caused controversy as some people believe that what the USAF witnessed was not a UFO at all, but was the lighthouse in the distance.

UFO phoenix az over the city
The Air Force said they were flares.
Ever seen flares hang in mid air?
(19 Seconds)

*I came to this opinion after watching a documentary showing how all the lights could disappear at the same time behind the mountain ridge. Outlining the ridge and then superimposing the lights over the top, all the lights disappear one by one at the top of the mountain ridge as they fall behind. It was also shown how the flares do fall at this slow speed.

Everyone has their own opinion about this UFO video footage, some people do believe that these are UFOs, as they are entitled to do, for me this UFO video footage has been “identified”.

(9 Seconds)

UFO hiding in the sky
(12 Seconds)

Lighthouse at Rendlesham Forest. Rendlesham/Bentwaters UFO Incident.
(7 Seconds)

Note from the cameraman.
Standing right on the edge of Rendlesham Forest, one can see the lighthouse. I have zoomed in while recording so you can see where the lighthouse is. Note: While it might look very clear on the video, it is barely visible with the naked eye.

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