What is Area 51

What is Area 51, part of the much larger Nellis Air Force Range. Area 51 is a U S military air base that sits on the fringes of NAFR. Area 51 is home to secret testing and development of next generation aircraft. Not much else is known about Area 51, the rest is speculation. Only recently has the U S government acknowledged its existence, before then it “did not exist”, well not officially.

A documentary made in the mid 1990’s suggests that aliens are regularly interviewed at Area 51 of their own free will. That being the case I would have thought more people would have come forward by now to collaborate the claim, even if past or present workers at the base had signed all their rights away. This would be just too big to let it pass by.

The U2 spy plane was tested at Area 51 along with many other, now well known, military aircraft like the Blackbird and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. Less well known aircraft tested include the Nighthawk’s smaller cousin the Have Blue “prototype” stealth fighter. Rumor has it that the “Aurora”, a top secret next generation aircraft, is one of the latest aircraft being tested at Area 51.

I do not intend to mislead you into thinking I know what “goes on” at Area 51, I do not. I am just an interested party caught up in the speculation and hype that surrounds the base.

What is area 51
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