Real UFO Pictures

From here you can follow the links to real UFO pictures and video clips, or are they?

From time to time we all see something that we cannot explain, but that doesn’t mean that whatever we have seen is not unidentified. It just means that we have no explanation at “this time.” Maybe we are being visited by extraterrestrials or maybe not.

Many people have faked UFO sightings hoping that they will be mistaken for alien spacecraft. The pilots of light aircraft in Hudson Valley, New York, fooled many people by attaching multi-colored lights to their aircraft. Flying in formation to give the impression of a large boomerang-shaped object, on cue they turned off the lights to make it look like the object had mysteriously disappeared.

If we are seeing advanced military aircraft or prototype aircraft, would we know? Take a look at the history of saucer shaped aircraft.

Documentaries, take a look at the alien interview at Area 51 or read about Neil Armstrong and crew, and what they saw on the Apollo 11 moon mission.

Real UFO articles, add your own story.

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